Aurora/ABB Int.Error E031

Power One/ABB Aurora pvi-3.0-outd Solar Inverter

aurora inverter

If you have the inverter, Aurora/ABB (shown in the above picture), and it has stopped working, ie red LED is LIT and it displays the error “Error! Int.Error E031”, then we may be able to help.

Power One Inverter E031 Fault

If your Power One (or ABB) inverter is displaying the message “Error!Int.Error E031 as shown, then it has suffered a hardware failure.

Firstly, Ring ABB (they have bought Power-One) and give them the serial number and Week Number of your Inverter. That is located on the left hand side of the inverter. If you lucky and the Warranty has not expired they will take your details and send someone out to repair it Free Of Charge. Note some installation companies increased the standard 5 Year warranty to 10 Years.

Installation Warranties are a different insurance, taken out by installers against faulty design or installation. Typically they will not cover the inverter. You can also try this route.

If neither has worked, we may be able to help.

  1. If you feel happy to switch off both AC and DC switches, remove the inverter and ship it to us, we will look at it and if possible Repair and test it and return it for a cost of £150 + postage back to you. You then need to reinstall and all is good again.
  2. Get us out to remove it and bring it back here to fix and return to you if we have been able to sort it out. This will cost £60 to come out (+ mileage)+ £150 to fix and £60+Mileage to reinstall your original unit.
  3. Call us in to replace the broken unit with a new inverter, we have a number to choose from. We will check the design against your system and we can then get the new inverter, install and test it. The cost for this will vary depending on system size and extended warranty purchase.

To get in touch then, Click here. Link to this address in code